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Volunteer Application


Are you looking for a rewarding experience and a way to make a difference by volunteering or fostering? Join our team by fostering or volunteering your time to help these dogs and the rescue. 


Fosters are fully-sponsored and do not require any out of pocket expenses.

If you are interested in fostering or more information on fostering visit our Foster page


Perhaps you're not in a position to foster consider all the other ways you can help make a difference. Nothing is off limits when it comes to volunteering. Just a few ways volunteers can help: 

  • Transporting dogs to vet appointments, to events or to foster homes

  • Participating in events

  • Are you good at photography, help by taking photos of the Danes at events, or otherwise

  • Picking up and/or delivering food and supplies

  • Microchipping (must have experience)

  • Doing reference checks for incoming applications

  • Doing adoption follow up calls


These are just a few areas that we could use your help. 


For volunteering, submit an application and once we receive your application a representative will contact you.


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