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Fairy Dog Mother Danes and Sponsors

These Danes are special in that they have extra needs, either due to medical situations, behavioral needs (special training) or age.

As a Fairy Dog Mother Sponsor you can help these Danes get the additional care that they require.



Star is a sweet 3 year old girl who recently came into rescue after having been abused and starved. She is emaciated, her tail has been broken, she has entropia on both eyes that will require surgery. She and another Dane had been kept in a medium size crate and let out once a day while the crate was hosed down with bleach then placed back in on the bleach. They lived off feces. Upon intake Star weighed in at 53lbs.
Her eye surgery will cost $1400
Her food bill runs aprox. $90 monthly.

She may also require surgery on her tail which will be estimated at $500.

Please consider being Star's Fairy Dog Mother.



Jethro is a young handsome boy who has ongoing dermatological issues. When he first came into rescue he had no hair on his feet, they were extremely swollen and sore. He also had a huge abrasion on his back, ear infection and was malnourished.

After numerous visits to the dermatologist we discovered that he has a deep tissue infection. His feet have cleared up with treatment and his ear infections have gone down. However, the sore on his back is still there.
Jethro needs a Fairy Dog Mother to help continue his medical treatment.

Can you be there to help Jethro, Would you be his Fairy Dog Mother?

Our Fairy Dog Mother Sponsors

Become a Fairy Dog Mother

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