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Foster Process

One of the most valuable part of rescue is the wonderful people that open their hearts and homes to the Danes that come into rescue, the Foster Families. As a foster you will laugh, cry, love, and receive love in return. It is one of the most rewarding positions in the rescue, when you take a broken, battered soul, care for it, train it, love it, and make it whole again. You may think you cannot possibly make a difference, when in actuality for your foster Dane you make the difference of a life time.


The steps in becoming a foster are almost the same as becoming an adopter, it starts with an application which you can find by clicking on the icon below. Once the application has been emailed back and the references checked a representative will contact you to come out and do a home check. Once the home check is complete you are ready to foster.


Here are some of the things that Dane Haven, Inc. provide the foster family:

Dog Food

Crate (if needed)

Raised food dishes

Blankets for the crate

Collar & Leash

Medical Care


What you provide:








As a team we work together to prepare these dogs to go to their forever homes.

I would rather cry watching them leave our home, to go live a full, good life in a loving, forever home of their own, Then cry because no one stepped up for them in the shelter where they died all alone, scared, unwanted and unloved.

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