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Surrendering your Dane

We understand that sometimes situations in life arise that cause us to have to make difficult decisions. For many having to give up a pet is extremely hard. We do our best to ease the concerns that re-homing a pet can have. All Danes that come into rescue are fostered in loving family homes where they will be treated as a family pet until a forever placement can be found. All of our foster families go through the same process as our adopters. Our Danes receive medical care if needed which include spay/neuter, vaccines, and wellness exams. Danes that require additional care will receive it.  Remember this is not only upsetting and stressful to you it is also hard on your pet. To make this transition easier for your pet we asked that when surrendering him you provide some articles that are familiar to your him, ie. a favorite toy, blanket, dog bed, etc. We also ask that you provide the rescue with all paperwork related to your Dane, ie. vaccination records, medical records, etc. Should your Dane be on any medication we ask that you provide the rescue with that also.  Our goal it to match your Dane with a family that will love and care for him for the rest of his life.   Please be as honest and open as possible when filling it out this allows us a better opportunity in finding a wonderful home for your Dane.
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