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Name: Tahoe


Age: 16 months


Sex: Male


Weight: 85 lbs


Breed: Great Dane Lab mix


Color: Black


Medical Issues:


Activity Level: Average


Best Qualities: Playful, Good with Dogs and Children (5+)


Areas needing improvement: 


Additional Considerations: 


Adoption Fee: $425



Additional Information:

My human friends call me Tahoe. I’m a very small Dane (and I think maybe my mommy or daddy was part Lab). I love people! I love to snuggle, and I love to be petted on the head and kissed on the top of my nose.

My foster mommy and daddy think I’m just the cutest thing, and they say things like “he gets along great with the other dogs” and “I’d love to see him get a home with a young boy in the family who will play with him”. They also say I’m not dominant at all (what does that mean?) but I’m protective of my loved ones. Everyone I met at my new house loves me and I love them! I never growled or snapped at anyone and make friends quickly. Mommy and Daddy think a boy or girl as young as 3 or 4 would be real fun for me!

I know how to use a doggie door and I haven’t had any accidents in the house. I like to sleep in my crate but sometimes I don’t want to go in, my foster mommy and daddy are working on that with me. They know I do very well with other dogs but they don’t know how I’d do with cats, and since I don’t talk they don’t know for sure.

I act like a Dane but I’m very small, my fosters say I’d be perfect as a first Dane or for someone who doesn’t want a huge dog. I already went to the vet and got neutered, I didn’t like that very much!

They say I’m low-energy (I wish I knew what that meant too!) but like to play and walk on a leash. I also get to curl up on the footrest of the couch right now, but I’m not allowed on the furniture. I have my own bed and I don’t ruin the human furniture.

If you’ll be my permanent mommy and daddy I promise I’ll love you with all my heart!

Available for Adoption in Arizona

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