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Name: Stone


Age: 1 year


Sex: Male


Weight: 110 lbs


Breed: Great Dane


Color: White with a couple of Black spots


Medical Issues: **Deaf


Activity Level: Averge


Best Qualities: Loveable, friendly, playful.


Areas needing improvement: Has puppy tendencies, chews when bored and will paw when wanting attention.


Additional Considerations: Deaf Dog Experience and Training required.


Adoption Fee: $400



Additional Information: Hey there, My name is Stone and I am just over a year old, so I am still a big smooshy faced puppy. I can be very playful with other dogs that will play with me. My foster family has 2 little girls that come to visit and they talk to me all the time even though I can't hear them. They are fun. My foster family also want people to know that because I am a deaf puppy I will need special training and will need a home with someone who has experience with pups like me.
I try really hard to be a good boy, although I have done somethings that I shouldn't have. I think that is why my foster mom says I need some training. I love treats and she says that's good because it makes the training easier. I like to go out and meet people, we sometimes go to the store or Starbucks where I ge
t a Pupachino and they are yummy. I ride well in the car and am working on walking on leash without tripping mom. I love to play with my toys too.





Available for Adoption in Arizona

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