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Name: Presley


Age: 6 years


Sex: Female




Breed: Great Dane


Color: Black


Medical Issues:


Activity Level: Average


Best Qualities: Dog freindly, likes to go for walks, good with children and likes to swim. Sweet and gentle.


Areas needing improvement: 


Additional Considerations: 


Adoption Fee: $325



Additional Information: 

I'm Presley, a 6 year old female waiting for a family that has lots of love to share with me! I'm an easy going lady who wants to be close to my family at all times. Don't let those gray whiskers fool you! I have plenty of energy to run and play with my foster brothers and just wait until you see how I can jump straight up in the air when I'm outside ready to come in! I am very well behaved, I just want lots of love and attention! I'm currently hanging out with 2 other male Danes and we always enjoy each other's company. I'm great with kids and always enjoy meeting new people. I spend most of my time relaxing on a bed on the floor during the day and at bedtime. You will definitely know when I need to go outside, I've been told I am good at doing a whining dance! I do get sad when my family goes to work/school for the day, I'm not destructive at all but my foster family says I have whined and barked when I thought they were all out of the house but one of them was actually at home. I'd prefer to always have human company around but if you must go to work/school just be prepared for a very excited dancing girl when you return. I'm a typical Dane, I just want lots of Love and I'll be your best friend if you you have that to give to me!


Available for Adoption in Arizona

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