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Name: Onni


Age: 2 years


Sex: Male


Weight: 130


Breed: Great Dane


Color: Black


Medical Issues:


Activity Level: Average


Best Qualities: Wants to please, friendly, does well with older children. Loves to play fetch and enjoys chasing and playing.


Areas needing improvement: Onni needs to continue with learning how to socialize with other dogs. Included with his adoption is a 6 week class to help him and the new owner.


Additional Considerations: Needs to continue with training, obedience class is a must. Due to his size and playful nature would do best in a home with older children


Adoption Fee: $425



Additional Information:

Hello, my name is Onni and I'm ready to make my new family happy. I heard my foster mom talking to her friend about me the other day and I'll tell you what she said. She said that I am good looking, sweet and lovable. I listen and obey what she tells me to do and what not to do and that I would make someone or a family, an awesome friend, companion and protector. I was the only dog in my last home for such a long time, that I'm not quite sure how to get along or act around any other dogs. To be honest with you, I am actually a little scared around them but if you would be willing to teach me, I would be willing to learn, otherwise,  my foster mom says that I would do best with a person or family that did not have any other pets. She said that I have what it takes to make a family so happy, that they wouldn't want another dog besides me anyways. I love to play fetch and I will actually bring it back to you so you can throw it again, I will wake you during the night if I need to go outside but I usually sleep through the night and I am good on a leash. Those are just a few of my good qualities. I have others!!  Boy, my foster mom is right, I am a great dog and I would love to meet you and shake your hand. 

Available for Adoption in Arizona

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