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Name: Mowgli 

Age: 1 year


Sex: Male


Weight: 125


Breed: Great Dane


Color: Harlequin


Medical Issues:


Activity Level: Average - High


Best Qualities: Does well with other big dogs, loves to cuddle. playful, loves water


Areas needing improvement: Training required, walking on leash without pulling


Additional Considerations: 


Adoption Fee: $600



Additional Information: 

Hi there, I am Mowgli. I am a happy go lucky boy who is full of energy. A few of my favorite thing to do is play with my friends, we wrestle a lot. I often go to daycare where I meet new friend and we run and play. I just recently turned a year old so I have energy to burn. I also love the water. When mom is hosing down the patio I run up and try to catch the water as it comes out, I also love taking baths, and my most favorite is the mud after it rains, sometimes I come in all messy from playing in the mud and mom has to give me a bath.
I would do best in a home that doesn’t have small pets or small children. You see I really don’t have a good understanding of how big I really am and my mom says I am like a bulldozer.
I am a fantastic cuddler should you need someone to keep you warm at night while you’re sleeping. I like food, and cookies are a favorite of mine. When you show me a cookie I know how to sit, I am not the best at waiting but I try. I get a bit excited cause cookies are soooo delicious.

I like to go for car rides, mom seat belts me in because sometimes I try to ride shotgun and she says that’s a no no. I like going places and meeting new people.
If you’re thinking you might want to have me as your BFF, please know that I am going to require training to become the best boy I can be.


Available for Adoption in Arizona

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