Name: Moose


Age: 7 years


Sex: Male


Weight: 120 lbs


Breed: Great Dane mix


Color: Fawn with Black mask


Medical Issues:


Activity Level: Average


Best Qualities: This boy is a certified therapy dog. Great with other dogs, children and people.


Areas needing improvement: Needs time and understanding when adjusting to new environment. Must be crated when left alone until completely adjusted to new home and family. 


Additional Considerations: Moose can be protective of his family. Having Giant breed experience is helptful.


Adoption Fee: $275



Additional Information:  

Hello, I'm Moose. I am a very loving, loyal boy. I being with my family and would never allow anyone to hurt them.I can also be very gentle, sweet and snuggly. Sometimes when in a new place I can be a little timid and scared, but once I know that I am going to be okay I settle right on in. I don't mind having fur siblings, such as other dogs and cats as long as they are nice to me. I enjoy going for walks, whether in the neighborhood or in a park. I have been known as being a bit of a trixter. You see I am very smart, I know how to opent sliding glass doors, window and sometimes ever regular doors if left unlocked. Over all I am a fantastic companion. If your looking for someone special and cute too then look my way, 


Available for Adoption in Arizona

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