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Name: Mollie


Age: 3 years


Sex: Female


Weight: 120


Breed: Great Dane


Color: White


Medical Issues: **Allergies


Activity Level:  Average


Best Qualities: Good with children, good with dogs. Sweet and gentle.


Areas needing improvement: 


Additional Considerations: 


Adoption Fee: $400



Additional Information:

Hi!  I'm a playful fun loving gal that is looking forward to finding my fur ever loving home!  I'm as sweet as can be and will be a perfect addition to any home.   I'm very easy going, most of the time I like to relax on my dog bed, but I really like cuddling in your bed too!   When you are not at home, I feel safe in my crate, I easily go in there when you ask me to.  I get along well with other dogs, I'm generally pretty lazy but I may surprise you at how I can gallop around your house with a dog pal.  I'm also not so girly when I want to play wrestle with my foster brother, I really look like a pro wrestler at times, but it's all in good fun!
 I came in to my foster home with some skin allergies, but with the help of grain free food & baths with all natural shampoos I have had significant improvement.   We are still trying to determine if I have a grass or other allergies, but I'm improving daily so it could be just a food/grain allergy, My fur is getting so shiny & soft, I can't believe how much better I'm feeling it just a few short weeks!
While I'm very easy going, I am a little nervous around a few things like sticks/pool cues and balls bouncing too closely to me.  Sometimes hats make me a little on edge too.  I've never had a mean reaction, but just want to make you aware of things that may make me a little nervous.
When I'm not lounging out at home I love to go for a walk, I like to pull a little but I'm just excited to discover new things as we walk around the neighborhood.   I'm excited to meet new friends (pets & people) along the way!  I'm also great in the car, in fact I often try to jump in to other people's cars when I go for walks!  I will need you to protect me from my happy tail, my current Mom helps me out by jumping between my tail and walls/ cabinets etc to keep me safe.  Overall I am an easy gal to love, not destructive at all, I will be your best friend!  I'll hang out next to you, like many Danes I'm a counter surfer & enjoy checking out the fridge when you do, but I bet you won't even notice that once you see how cute & sweet I am once I meet you.



Available for Adoption in Arizona

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