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Name: Mickey

Age: 4 years


Sex: Male




Breed: Great Dane


Color: Merle


Medical Issues:


Activity Level: Average


Best Qualities: Sweet, Gentle, good with dogs, loves to play


Areas needing improvement: 


Additional Considerations: 


Adoption Fee: $425



Additional Information:

Hi there!  Mickey here.  AKA Mr. Big.  I was found running around the desert and looked like I was starving.   You could count every single rib.  I must have looked a sight!  Lucky for me the rescue sent me to my foster mom who has fattened me up.   I still have a little ways to go to gain all my weight back but I am looking GOOD!

I am a big loveable boy and all I really want to do is give lots and lots of love.  Most of the day I like to lie around and take a nap but I also really like to get out and go for walks.  And, if I get to go to the dog park or somewhere I get to RUN!  Woohoo!  I get along with everyone and I never know a stranger.  Cats…I always perk up when I see them but I’ve never gotten to see one close up, even as much as I’ve tried when out on walks with my mom and sister.

I get pretty sad when I am left all alone but as long as I have another furry brother or sister to keep me company I am just fine.  I am not sure how old I am but we guess around four years old.  My foster mom is really sad to let me go but she knows I would be happiest if I had a yard and friends to play with!

Available for Adoption in Arizona

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