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Name: Hemmingway


Age: 1 year


Sex: Male


Weight: 90


Breed: Great Dane Boxer mix


Color: White


Medical Issues: 


Activity Level: Average


Best Qualities: Does great with other animals, good with kids. enjoys playing and knows basic commands


Areas needing improvement: Needs to continue obedience classes


Additional Considerations: Still a puppy and still learning.


Adoption Fee: $425



Additional Information: 

My name is Hemingway but my people call me Hemi.

When I came to live with my people I was really sick they took me to the doctor, gave me medicine and now I am all better. I am a Great Dane/Boxer mix, I am a just a puppy. I currently live with another Great Dane, 2 Chihuahuas, 5 cats. a Nigerian dwarf goat and some birds. So I guess you could say I get along with other animals just fine. Although sometimes I forget and play a little rough with the small dogs, my foster mom has to remind me to be gentle. I really like kids, in fact I was the star of the Halloween kissing booth. There were lots of kids there and I just lathered them in kisses.
When my foster family is gone to work I hang out in my crate and sleep but I am out and about when they are home. At night I have my own bed next to my foster moms and I sleep right there. I know a few basic commands and I know how to use a dog door. I am very eager to please and I listen very well.
One of my most favorite things to do is go to the dog park and play with the other dogs.
I am really looking forward to getting my very own family to love and play with, could you be my family?


Available for Adoption in Arizona

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