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Name: Gunner

Age: 3 years


Sex: Male


Weight: 115 lbs


Breed: Great Dane

Color: Black

Medical Issues:


Activity Level: Average


Best Qualities: Good with other dogs, playful and loyal. Does well on a leash with head halti.


Areas needing improvement: Continue socializing with people. Needs someone with Giant Breed experience.


Additional Considerations: No children under 6 years old.


Adoption Fee: $425



Additional Information:

Hi my name is Gunner! I am a goofy, happy go lucky 3 year old boy. I love to play with my foster brother and 3 sisters, and would love a forever family that has other dogs! When nobody will play with me, I will throw my toy for myself. I love to run, jump, and pounce but I will listen when my foster mom tells me to lay down and calm down, if I have to. I have never had an accident in my foster home and have never chewed on something that I wasn't supposed to. I don't bark unless someone is at my door. I walk nicely with a gentle leader and know basic commands like sit and down. I do like to sleep on mom's nice big bed but I will stay down when she tells me too, I have a nice comfy bed of my own so I don't mind. I love to use your lap as my personal chair and will back up and sit on you if you let me! I hope for a family that likes to snuggle because that's one of my favorite things to do, I will make my presence know if I'm not getting the attention that I need! If you are looking for a big goofy dog to snuggle and play with, I'm your guy!





Available for Adoption in Arizona

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