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Emmett & Duke

Name: Emmett 

Age: 6 years

Sex: Male


Breed: Great Dane

Color: Merle

Name: Duke

Age: 6 years

Sex: Male


Breed: Great Dane

Color: Mantle


Medical Issues: Duke has a sore tooth, soft food and soaked kibble


Activity Level: Average


Best Qualities: 

Duke  loves squeaky toys, is a cookie monster, content in crate or exercise area with his toys, and easier to train with treats!

Emmett loves making friends, playing with his squeaky toys, gives hugs with sloppy kisses and is also a cookie monster!


Areas needing improvement: 

Duke takes his time to get to know you-people and pups, very stubborn- not going to do as asked - if no cookie/treat in your hand, learning to take treats more gently and does NOT share toys or food.

Emmett needs to learn to not mouth, is a little impatient- so tries to hurry you up by guiding you with his mouth, does not bite down.Working on walking on leash, without pulling, needs more practice, and he needs to be in a secure area- he knows how to escape, by opening doors, gates, dog runs and twisting door knobs. He will push, pull, and go right and left to escape.

Both boys are very smart


Additional Considerations: 


Adoption Fee: $500


Available for Adoption in Arizona

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