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Name: Athena


Age: 1 year


Sex: Female


Weight: 100


Breed: Great Dane


Color: Blue Merle


Medical Issues:


Activity Level: Average


Best Qualities: Gentle, sweet, snuggly, lovable and playful. Good with children, and other dogs. 


Areas needing improvement: Needs to continue working on potty training. Athena is shy when initially meeting people and                                                     would benefit from going to public locations and being socialized.


Additional Considerations: 


Adoption Fee: $400



Additional Information:

Hi, I am Athena. I am a sweet and happy one year old. I love to cuddle, play with toys (balls are my favorite), and go for walks on a leash. My foster mom says I am curious, which means I like to explore. This sometimes gets me into trouble. She also says that I good at doing basic obedience, things like “sit”, “stay”,  “down” and “leave”, but she says I would definitely benefit from additional training. I am crate trained and when you leave the house I would feel safest in a crate, since I get a little anxious when left alone.

My foster mom tells me that I am a typical Dane, that I am goofy and likes to look on the counters for extra treats. I sometimes swipe the fruit she leaves up there so she has to be extra careful. I get a little timid when it comes to meeting new dogs and people, but if introduced slowly I do good. I love to play with children but I am kinda bouncy and don’t really know my own size which means I would have to be supervised when kids are around. When it comes to cats, I don’t really know what to think of them, they are interesting but I haven’t had a chance to meet one face to face.

What I would like in a new family is parents who are patient and understanding, that are willing to help me overcome my shyness, the anxiety that I get when left alone and that will continue to help me learn that it is proper to potty outside. I would love someone to snuggle with, play with and that will love me forever.


Available for Adoption in Arizona

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